Putting clients’ success first is key for international accounting firm WWC, P.C.

In an industry defined by crunching numbers and analysing data down to the smallest detail, international certified public accounting firm WWC, Professional Corp (WWC, P.C.) ensures that its people are trained to look beyond the books to respond to the specific needs of individual clients as they navigate a highly competitive global economy.

“Our founder Samuel Wong said that for us to be successful, we need to help our clients to be successful. We need to be skilled, diligent and ethical,” said partner Tonny Wong. “This is why we put a lot of effort in nurturing the next generation of talent to see where we can still fill the gaps in terms of services.”

Established in 1981, WWC, P.C. specialises in auditing, tax, financial accounting advisory services, initial public offering and capital markets services. One of WWC, P.C.’s main strengths is helping enterprises gain access to global capital markets, particularly in the US.

With offices in the US, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Taipei, WWC, P.C. bridges East and West – confidently navigating through different regulatory requirements and discerning social and cultural nuances.

Underpinning its multi-jurisdictional expertise, WWC, P.C. and its affiliates is an approved registrant certified member of the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Canadian Public Accountability Board and Hong Kong’s Accounting and Financial Reporting Council.

As more businesses in Asia expand their horizons, WWC, P.C. is further strengthening its capacity with the addition of a Tokyo office this year. WWC, P.C. is recruiting talents not just in Japan but also in the region.

“Our workforce increased rapidly in the past three years, and we are still actively adding more people because market demand is strong. We invite talented and experienced partners from different countries to contribute to our professional works and to help us continue delivering quality services,” said Tonny Wong.

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